1. Conscious (Directors Cut)
    Conscious is a modern adaptation of the Greek mythological story of Icarus. With music from the band Lamia of the Pool and starring upcoming actor Patrick Hampton, Conscious shows one man's struggle with his connection to society and the world. The film is directed by the up and coming Chris Chandler in his first big production film.
  2. Arika's Beautiful Haunting
    Arika tries summoning her recently deceased friend during a seance at her Halloween party, but opens Pandora's box when she reads from the wrong book.
  3. Movie Mind Machine
    Two movie buffs invent a memory-erasing machine that allows them to watch their favorite movies over and over again like the first time. Starring Ron Funches and Matt Braunger directed by Maureen Bharoocha

Cinematography Reel

C.S. Chandler's cinematography reel which covers a broad scope of work capture by him. 

Conscious BTS P1

The local Colorado band Lamia of the Pool has been trying to make their niche in the music scene for 4 years. Now they finally have created a music video. Watch as members of the band along with the director of the music video and actors talk about their experiences on the set and how they got to where they are now.